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Panache by Design

Distinctive & Stylish Jewelry Handcrafted by Alicia 


Panache creations should not be worn until AFTER perfume and hairspray have been applied.  These harsh chemicals can strip pearls of their luster.  They are prime culprits for build-up on the sterling and crystal beads.

All items be cleaned using a chamois cloth.  Many such cloths have been treated to strip away any tarnish.  

Simply rub the cloth over the sterling beads, pendants, clasps, or earrings and watch what happens!

Please do not use any paste or liquid silver cleaning products on Panache creations.  These products often leave unwanted residue or will strip off oxidation.


Please wear the rubber stoppers provided with all earrings to prevent them from getting lost.

While Panache creations are designed to endure, they should still be treated with care. They may not withstand the attacks of kids, dogs, doors… you get the idea. If your Panache piece becomes damaged, we can fix it for you.

As long as enough of the original materials remain to identify the design, we will replicate it as closely as possible with available materials.
The approximate costs:
   •  Re-stringing: $20 (minimum charge for any repairs) plus $5.00 shipping. 
   •  If pieces are missing, the cost will be higher.

Please send us an email at and let us know the nature of your repair need.  We will get back to you within 24 hours with our best guess of cost based on what you tell us. 

If you choose to pursue the repair option, please include a copy of the email correspondence along with your written authorization for the repair.  Upon receipt of the piece and further inspection, we will confirm the original price or inform you of the actual price.